Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 157: November 30 - December 6

Christmastime is here!

Getting a boost from Daddy to finish the tippy top of the tree

Watching big brother Christmas-tize the house

Headed out to Felix's Birthday party

Leaf fight with Mabel

Dining with the Birthday boy - happy birthday, Felix!

An early morning with Daddy

More Birthday prizes for the birthday boy!

Spending a great birthday morning at Monkey's treehouse

This place is great...we've gotta come back here!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Baxter - the big day is FINALLY here!

Playing a new "Germ Monster" game

Benny's 4 month appointment:
Weight: 15 lbs 5 oz  41%
Height:  25 1/8 inches  40%
Growing like a weed!
Baxter at 4 months:
Weight:  16 lbs 13oz  75%
Height:  26 inches  75%

Lunch at a new taco restaurant in the neighborhood...yum!

Practicing to be a puzzle pro like my big brother 

Finally, time for something besides milk - give me some oatmeal!

I think more ended up everywhere except my belly

Posing for Christmas cards....

Check your mailboxes....

These little elves with be wishing you a Merry Christmas soon!

A little star on the tippy top of the Daddy tree

Christmas shopping break

Telling Santa about the Fire Bike on my wish list
(Bennett had a major poo accident 2 minutes before this picture, which prevented him from meeting Santa...maybe next year)

Another shopping break at Old Navy

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