Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 156: November 23 - November 29

Superman at the pool

Aunt Buffy's cinnamon rolls are yummy!

fun at the park with mommy

Playing with a fellow Dusty Crophopper lover at the park

Mommy and the monkeys

Getting a closeup of the alligators with my new binoculars at  the NOLA zoo

Brave little boy...riding an alligator

Meeting Aunt Laura

Getting in a pre Thanksgiving feast nap with Grandpops

Happy Thanksgiving

Making chalk turkeys at the park with some new friends

Helping Aunt Laura make spinach souffle

Yay! Appetizer break

And back to work with Uncle Sean

Working up an appetite before the big meal

Finally...time to eat!  Love the mashed potatoes

Beignets for breakfast

Storyville at City Park is AWESOME!

Daddy and his pup

A family pic at a French Quarter bar

Playing some tunes for the family

Celebrating our birthday boy before heading out for the long drive home

But not before getting some gifts to play with on the drive...thanks Aunt Laura & Uncle Justin!

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