Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 169: February 22 - February 28

Getting some flying lessons from Mommy at the Air Museum

Fun for everyone at the Air Museum

I love my new airplane!  Thanks Gramps & Grandma Sherry!
What a great morning at the museum!  

Volleyball is tiring

Finally, the Pensacola beach...wish it was warm enough for a dip

Good Morning, Gramps!

Puzzle Pros in action

A loaf of bread + hungry birds = a morning full of fun!

Catching up on the news

Preflight snack

Home, sweet, home

Hanging with Edith at Gymnastics

Movin in on Baxter's gal...

Bennett spends 90% of his playtime crawling to, or playing with Jazzy's crate (predicting a trip to the ER soon from falling on crate)

Reunited with Elise's chickens

Finally, a haircut...someone was looking pretty shaggy

Enjoying Daddy's birthday BBQ

But, enjoying Daddy's (pre)birthday cake even more!

Why can't I have any cake?

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