Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 170: March 1 - March 7

Sneaking a taste of of Daddy's birthday cake 

Yep, I approve...Daddy's gonna love it!

Nice to see you, Scott....glad you could make it for Daddy's birthday

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

At the vet with Shamous

A rare snuggle from Benny...this guy likes to move!

Yay!  Finally a chance to play with Baxter's paw patrol toys (something I can't do when he's around)

Leftover whipped cream from Daddy's cake...YUMMY!

At the doctor again :(

But, my ear infection is gone...finally!!!!

Another snow day

Hi Jazzy  Bennett

Happy Birthday burger for Shamous...can you believe this guy is 12 already?

Fun times at the library

Learning how to jump on the bed 

A quick appetizer before heading to Oscar's for dinner

Good thing I had that appetizer since it's too much fun to eat at Oscar's house

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