Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 172: March 15 - March 21

Going for a ride with Oscar

Hey, I wanna see the animals too - turn this stroller around!

Practicing knife skills

Hanging bird feeders 

These boys are ready for bunk beds!

Waiting for story time to get started

Gymnastics camp is AWESOME!

We found a new science museum in Murfreesboro...and it has bunnies!!!!!

And a fun room for Benny...we love this place!

NCAA Basketball, wings and cocktails...Awesome Friday!

Shorts in March...lovin spring break!

Getting dirty at the park

There's a reason Oscar is behind the looks like Baxter inherited Mommy's driving gene (unfortunately)

Strawberry margaritas and guacamole...Feliz Sabado!

Not quite ready for margaritas and chips, but a cookie will do

This little piggy is ready for bed.

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