Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 195: August 23 - August 29

Check out this giant slug...our backyard is like a nature center

Masterpiece in the making

Building a fort at Cornerstone

Another fun trip to Cornerstone

Back at swim lessons at Ensworth....hoping to join the swim team after this session

Practicing mischief while Baxter practices swimming

Someone doesn't like nature story time

And someone couldn't be happier that nature story time involves turtles

Whole apples...a new favorite snack

Singing for tips at the farmer's market

First trip to the sandbox - but not the last!

This is great!!!!

Since Rescue Bots got confiscated at our house, Y Play is a big hit again (they have 2 Rescue Bots)

Rainy day at Monkey's Tree House

We are finally finding activities that both boys can enjoy...sure makes life easier!

I love Grandpops!

Looks like Spiderman couldn't defeat Grandpops the SuperVillian

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