Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 193: August 9 - August 15

Sunday morning muffins are getting better and better!

Don't let the face fool you...he loved it!

Another trip to the mall....
Can't beat fresh summer peaches from the farmer's market!

Fun times in Ian's yard

Reading some library books one last time before they go back

Library day!!!!  New books are the best!

Making a sweet treat with Emma

Are they done yet?

Playdate with Ellie

Bennett at 2 am...wide awake and playing with the pups

Hitchin a ride

Grandpa's here!

Playing a favorite game at  Chuck-E-Cheese

Another Chucky lover

Uh...that's not how you play ski ball, Bennett...

Not so sure about this game...

Thanks for a fun trip to Chuck-E-Cheese, Grandpa!


Boy, these ducks sure are hungry!

Helping Daddy season the pork butt

Dancing at the Hot Wing Festival

The hot wings were scarce, but that's ok - snow cones are a good substitute

Practicing some soccer kicks

Just hanging around

At the zoo with Oscar

Can you spot the real elephant?

Getting a little big for Grandpa to hold....

Lucky day...looks like this kangaroo is loving these boys


Perhaps this is why Grandpa can't hold Baxter anymore???

Happy guys

Can you see my kool-aid mustache?

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