Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 192: August 2 - August 8

Teaching Benny how to feed the fish while Mommy & Daddy enjoy some dim sum

Getting a breathing treatment...let's hope this is the last...not fun!

Nothing makes this guy smile more that a slide these days!

We got some great books this week!

Finally, Mommy cut the watermelon how I like it

Playing Rescue Bots with Quincey

1 year check up:
Height:  28 7/8 inches - 15th percentile
Weight:  19 lbs 3 oz - 16th percentile
That's an awful lot of cute in a small package!

Baxter's 1 year checkup:
Height:  33 inches - 50th percentile
Weight:  23 lbs. 10 oz - 50th percentile

Someone wanted "pretty colors" on their nails like Mommy

A rare weekday playdate with Ian

Reading buddies

Seasoning the chicken

And chopping carrots for dinner...what a great helper!

Do we have another little bookworm in the family?

Making snow in August!

Ooey & Gooey!

This is about as far as we made it on this bike ride (that's Grandpop's driveway right behind us).  We're gonna have to practice a bit more!

Benny wants his own fire bike for Christmas!

Headed to the Tomato Festival!!!!

Enjoying the Tomato Festival a bit more this year than last!

No festival would be complete without a blue icy drink!

Where's my lollypop?

Buzzes for both boys!

Happy Birthday, Marian!

Giving Jake kisses

Awww shucks...locked out from another set of stairs

Super Baxter!

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