Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 212: December 20 - December 26

Another fun day at the library

Someone found the computers at the library...hard to tear him away

Snack time with Jazzy

Cinnamon Rolls!

Saying bye-bye to Jazzy.  We are gonna miss you like crazy Jazzy...your the best puppy ever!

Finally, a healthy snack

Yay!  Gramps snuggles

Teaching Grandma Sherry about some favorite animals

Examining our Grinch tickets

And, finally, heading out to see the Grinch!

But first, a special lunch at the Aquarium restaurant

I'm not so sure about this Grinch guy....  But, I loved the show - thanks Gramps & Grandma Sherry!  What a special Christmas treat!

Our little Grinch

Wonder what our Christmas Eve present is....Jingle Jams!

Getting Santa's cookies ready

And, writing some last minute requests to Santa

Santa came....Merry Christmas

Any thing else in here?

Helping Gramps with his stocking

And showing Grandma Sherry what Santa brought her

Benny's a little late to the action (this might be the first time he wasn't the first one awake), and Baxter is ready to help his little bro learn how to open presents!

Lots of books for Benny!

And, lots of games for Baxter

Opening all these presents is hard work...Bax had to cool down a bit

Christmas is fun!

Playing a new computer game from Grandpops

Taking Gramps & a Pony for a walk after seeing the dancing Christmas lights

Checking out the Christmas goats

And giving the goats their Christmas dinner

Getting some last minute snuggles with Gramps before they head home

Back to the computers library

Putting on a puppet show for Mom &  Dad

Ready for a pony ride

Burning off some post Christmas energy at the trampoline park

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