Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 215: January 10 - January 16

Feeding some tarpons (and some lucky pelicans) at lunch

Getting some sun while waiting for lunch

Yum...why have I never tried a meat stick before?

Enjoying my 12th (and last) Avenger popsicle.  The best part of vacation

Freedman fishies

Potty break

Swimming star in acion

Activate iguana power

Sharing a snack with Martha Grace

This turtle really loves celery

Our last vacation activity before heading to the airport:  SHARK FEEDING!!!!!

What a fun vacation (and what a miserable plane ride - Benny best moments are not on airplanes)

Should be having fun in the bounce house, but basketballs are a Benny magnet


Getting some Edie love

We've missed making muffins

Another fun trip to the library

Chicken wings and football...what a fun night!

A fun Daddy day at the science center

Paging Dr. Freedman

Digging for treasures

What a cute Mr. B

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