Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 214: January 3 - January 9

Just looking for some new recipes in Mommy's magazine

Previewing what we'll see on our upcoming Florida trip

Meltdown at the zoo

All bundled up for some fun

Petting kangaroos never gets old

Double reading

Taking a spin in our new bike trailer

Headed to the Keys

Tropical breakfast
Check out this view

Boys on the beach

Showing Daddy some sights from the aquarium

Little guy has NO fear of water

Helping some new friends build a sand castle

Giving Gramps (and everyone else on the beach) a handful of sand

Scarlet Spider Man

This beach is a blast!

Teaching Benny and Grandma Sherry some Spiderman tricks

Exploring another park in paradise

A quiet moment with Gramps

Beach buddies

Shark bait

Taking Benny for a stroll

Feeding the pelicans some fish scraps

Highlight of our trip:  Making friends with a Manatee right off our dock

Getting ready for some good night kisses

Good night, Baxter!

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