Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 230: April 24 - April 30

Sunday donuts at Grandpop's

Sunday morning scooting

Biker boy

Taking a break at Target

Craft time

Gardening with the Woksa's

Playing while everyone else is hard at work in the garden


Teaching little B all about animals

Pile up on the slide

After school fun - check out Benny in a dress :)

Reading buddies

Fun in the sun

Helping Grandpops recover from his endoscopy with ice cream

And more ice cream...Baxter was definitely the cleanest kid here...all this popsicle & ice cream practice is paying off

Superhero day at school

The Benny & Quincy Band

Showing Gramps our garden

Happy Birthday, Gramps!  This cupcake is a nice change from all the frozen desserts.

Reading with Grandma Sherry

Showing Gramps and Grandma Sherry the monkeys

Boys at the zoo

Snuggle break

Come back, kangaroo


Finishing off Gramp's ceviche

Picture day!

About to score AGAIN!

Chillin at Costco

Snacking in the sun

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