Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 232: May 8 - May 14

Happy Mother's Day!

Ready for a workout

Get this guy to the gym

No pushing this time...all the way to Grandpop's garden without help!!!!

And now it's break time!

Gardening with Grandpops

Mother's Day picnic at the pool


Giving Shamey a bath

Last swim lesson...and all ready for summer swimming fun!

Love our new water table

A new addition to the farmer's market...the reptile tent (boys loved it!)

First fresh strawberries of the season...can't wait to get to the berry patch to pick our own

Dancing with Edie

Watching the music while eating another new addition to the farmers market - cinnamon biscuits!!!!

Dancing and hugging...does Mabel know about this????

About to start our first yoga class....we LOVED it!

Making a special breakfast treat

Doing some QC of the ingredients (mainly sugar)

And, the final product....DONUTS!!!!!

A baseball game necessity...Pirate's Booty

Yikes!  Those Red Sox look tough

But not as tough as our clean-up hitter!

Faster, Mabel!!!!

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