Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 233: May 15 - May 21

Sunday afternoon at Pied Piper! We love it when Daddy's home!


Lazy Sunday stroll

Watching the construction across the alley (a new favorite bedtime activity)

Another typical breakfast - the good eater and the good distractor

Who knew getting our car vacation ready with the cargo carrier would be such a hit...couldn't get the boys out of the Volvo dealership!

Making vacation snacks!

Saying good-bye to the fishes at school

Last day!  But this is what we'll remember most about Ms. Emily's class....snacks!

Getting Ms. Kathy's thank you card ready

Ending a great school year with a popsicle!

Vacation time!!!!!  Headed to St. Augustine!

Breakfast at the Residence Inn before hitting the road again

A quick stop for lunch

And to stretch our legs before the final leg 

We're here!  Cannon ball!

Swim lessons have paid off for Baxter & Benny's new puddle jumper is a huge relief!

Meeting the ducks at our vacation house!

Ahhhh...the beach!

Shells, shells & more shells

And, some boogie boarding...this guy loves the waves

This guy's been trying out a new big boy bed for the first time (and not getting quite as much sleep as usual)

Splash park...our favorite part about St. Augustine

Popsicle time!

Feeding our new turtle friends...the highlight of the trip

Happy hour!

A quick trip downtown since it looks like rain

Favorite dinner of the trip...our little piggy probably ate more than Daddy!

Any this guy ate some fish, which is a welcome change from all the snacks he's been consuming

Oysters make these guys happy

Finger licking good

And, fro yo to top off the evening!

At the farmers market

This one looks juicy

More fun in the sun!

Grandma's last night calls for a seafood boil....pass the clams!

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