Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 234: May 22 - May 28

Feeding our buddy, "Big"

Crocodile Hunters

Birdseye view of the gators

What's a bunny doing at the alligator farm?

Taking a break from watching gators to climb some turtles

Feeding a swamp full of gators

Deciding what to bring home from the gift shop....a lot of options, we could be here a while

Watermelon is the best snack at the beach

A fun stop at the splash park

Before building castles on the peach

Getting ready to fill the moat

Dinner time chaos

This is vacation life

A park with a carousel?  AWESOME!

Brothers in a bug

Here comes Big for another meal

Our last night out in Florida

Of course topped off with Cone Heads for dessert

A Chick-Fil-A stop to stretch our legs on the way home

Finally, a nap (1 hour from home)

It's strawberry season in Nashville!

This might be the first year that some berries got in the bucket and not just in the mouth

Fun at the berry patch climbing "Bear Mountain"

We missed you, F & Q!  


Little pizza chefs

Mmmm...strawberry yogurt stars.  I knew we'd get some goodies from all that hard work at the patch.

Closing day ceremony

Running home to collect a trophy

What a great season, Cubs!  Let's hope the real Chicago Cubs can do as well this season.

Ice cream cones for breakfast?  What a treat!

Final baseball game of the season!

Round 2 for peppers...stay away all you sneaky snooks.

Cooling down at the water table.  Nashville is hotter than Florida.

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