Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 252: September 25 - October 1

Happy Birthday, Mabel!  

Watching Janelle hit the jackpot!

Getting a ride from Henry

Pizza with the birthday girl

One last ride before the party's over

Taking a quick break before walking home from school

Look who's sleeping in a big boy bed!!!!

Early, early, early morning puzzles

Paci & Ducky along for the ride to pick up Baxter.  A reward for a great nap in a big boy bed!

Chasing some wild turkeys at Mabel's house

Couch potatoes

Making friends with Baxter's classmates

We got the Pout Pout fish for the entire fall break!  Yahoo - B&B's favorite book!

Daddy's home!!!  And he brought Halloween prizes!

Coffee & jerkey...the official soccer snack!

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