Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 255: October 16 - October 22

Watching breakfast being made

Monster donuts!

Did I get any in my mouth?

It's pumpkin season at the zoo!

Brown's boys

We love feeding animals at the zoo

Transported to outer space

Browns vs. Titans.  Browns might have lost, but these guys sure had fun!

Practicing some baseball 

Lil slugger

Helping Mommy with the grocery list

There's our little pre-k superstar in the back row

3 Little Pumpkins....Mommy came to school to do a Halloween craft with the class

Another trip to the dentist

A rare moment of sleep..this transition to a big boy bed has been rough

Cheetah practice

At the doctor...good news - ears look good, bad news - need to do regular nebulizer treatments for the next 2 days.  Cold season sucks!

Look at these explorers ready to go....

On a dinosaur dig!

Happy Birthday, Rex!  

What a great way the end the week!

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