Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 253: October 2 - October 8

Fall break in Asheville has begun!

Biscuit breakfast to start the day

Coloring, coloring & more coloring!

Let's get some of these coloring pages for our house!

We've arrived at the apple orchard!

Taking a snack break

Apple picking is tiring...thanks for the lift Mom!

Mmmm....these golden delicious are delicious

Ducks at the orchard...just when we thought this day couldn't get better!

Looking for treasures on a nature hike with Grandma Sherry

The bell is in case of a bear sighting.  According to the boys (and the sounds of a ringing bell), there were A LOT of bears on the hike!

Playing a few holes before dinner

Bucket head

Can't get this chocolate croissant in fast enough...yum!

Is there a monkey on my back?

Lost in the hay maze

Super spiderman

More fun at the pumpkin patch

What a cute little pumpkin

A couple of good apples?  Usually!

Picking out the perfect pumpkin

Check out the face of a little boy who has just chosen the PERFECT pumpkin!

Freedman family on fall break

Punkin pals

Check out that giant bug at the arboretum.  Hope Nashville doesn't get invaded by these guys.

A lovely walk through the mums

We tried for a family photo, but there's so much to see here - couldn't sit still

Lego heads


We love nature hikes

Taking Mommy on a walk

Bye-Bye Martha Grace

Love you, Martha Grace

Bye-Bye, Grandma Sherry

Bye-Bye, Gramps

What a great trip to Asheville!  Thanks for all the fun, Gramps & Grandma Sherry

Home from Asheville and to the zoo all in one day

Playdate at Baxter's school playground

Waiting patiently for Daddy to finish his doctor's appointment

Dude's weekend has officially begun!

First, a trip to the library

Lego exhibit at the!

All this fun with Daddy wore the little guy out

More pumpkin patch fun

These boys never saw a goat they didn't want to pet

Or a chicken

Here I come!

Mom should leave more often...Dude's weekend is the BEST!

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