Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week 254: October 9 - October 15

A bunch of boys at Quincy's birthday party dogs roasted over the campfire

Nothing says party like a bunch of bubbles

Happy 3rd Birthday, Q!

Reading buddies

Digging for dinosaur bones

Watch out, Bax!  There's a Apatasaurus behind you!

Just a bunch of dinos taking a break

Baby Dinosaurs

Fun times at Dinosaur World


Apparently, wrestling can be fun when there isn't a 20 pound size difference.

Some school stuff

Baxter's September self portrait


Having fun at the Y

Soup smiles!  This kid loves him some soup!

Returning some books before checking out new ones....library pro

Bedtime books

Warming up for the big game

Picking out more pumpkins!

This one's a keeper

We now have 7 pumpkins to carve...better get busy!

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